Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Backgrounds Using Citra Solv

I decided to experiment with a technique I've been reading about that uses Citra Solv. It is a fun and simple way to create unique backgrounds for collage, altered books and journal projects.

I used a sponge-brush to apply the product to front and back of the open spread in a National Geographic magazine. According to what I have read, this is one of the few publications which will work because of its particular ink and paper. Some say it must be an issue published within the last ten years.

I was glad I was wearing gloves, because almost immediately some of the black ink began to break down, and it would have been almost impossible not to touch it and get messy.

When the pages were wet, I closed the magazine and waited for about thirty minutes. Waiting much longer may have caused the pages to stick together. After locating my pages, I used a heat gun to dry them. Some people hang them to dry, clothesline fashion.

Obviously, no two pages will ever be the same, and some results will be better than others. But many of my National Geographics will have to remain unaltered, for  if they weren't special as they are, why would I have kept them?   Hmmm...How to choose? How to choose?

Citra Solv is an all natural cleaner and degreaser made from essential oils. It smells like oranges and leaves a pleasant (but strong) fragrance in your house, and can be purchased from natural food stores. Although you can buy it ready-to-use, this technique only works if you use the product in the concentrated form.

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