Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not Just a Cup of Tea

To take the first sip after a stressful day is like easing into warm slippers after an afternoon of cold, soggy shoes. It's a rose-scented bath in a private garden. It's candlelight on a pillowed evening. It's serenity in a storm. It's time for me.

An important part of my tea experience is the choice of cup and saucer. Pink lace, a mixed bouquet, a distant landscape, mourning doves, a Moorish castle. I move the spoon back and forth slowly. I enjoy the delicate balance when holding the saucer and lifting the cup to my lips. My eyes close to the aroma. I am a lady.

I make the moments last. If there's music, it is soft. If there's light, it is low. If there's friendship, it is warm. And no  matter how the day has been, it is better.

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