Saturday, February 13, 2010


Do you ever miss an opportunity because you are in a hurry?

Wednesday morning I didn't take time to get my camera when I was leaving home. I remember thinking it probably wouldn't matter, since often when I do have it, I don't see anything I want to take a picture of anyway. But as it would happen, as I rounded a curve I saw two birds drinking from a rain puddle. It would have been such a great image, if only I could have captured it. Of course,  I would have had to stop the car, grab the camera, unbuckle the seatbelt, stretch from the driver side to the passenger window, and lean out enough to have some light. What are the chances I could do all this before the birds decided to fly away? But I'm still regretting not being prepared.

And even more I'm regretting that because I didn't have the camera, and because I was in a hurry, I didn't even stop to watch them. I wonder if they lingered awhile and played and splashed and bathed in that puddle. I wonder if the light was such that I could have seen their reflection. I wonder if they could see their own reflections, and if they would think there were four birds instead of two.  I'm not even sure what kind of birds they were. I'm not even sure what colors they were. I don't know if they were chirping or singing or if they were silent. But I do know that, being birds, they had to be beautiful.

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