Monday, May 3, 2010

At Least One Delight Each Day

I have lots of notebooks. Sometimes I write in at least one every day, and other times they are all sorely neglected.  But wouldn't it be enriching to record at least one delight each day?

This evening driving home, I saw a bird trying to catch a grasshopper. I laughed as it tried to hop instead of fly across the road to follow its intended target.It finally settled on the sidewalk, in what I imagined to be a state of bewilderment. I felt sorry for the one, and cheered for the other. But those seconds were almost cartoon-like, and an unexpected delight.

A couple of days ago, I stepped to the rear of a large building as I answered my cell phone. Wildflowers of yellow and red-orange and a few purples were everywhere! It looked like someone had planted a garden but no longer tended to it. Nature was taking care just fine. Nature. Natural. Lovely. I felt as if I had found a secret place and the flowers were there just for me.

Looking for delights can only increase our altertness and fine-tune our awareness. I'm reminded of a time a few years ago when someone asked me, "What do you like?" 

 My approximate answer was, "Dark chocolate, a blue heron standing by a pond, the smell of fresh cut lemons, Beethoven's Third Symphony, Italian food, the color blue. What do you like?"

Later, I kept thinking of other things I could have said. "The smell of grass when it is being mowed, acoustic guitar, wine and cheese, cheese and fruit, the cry of a newborn, eating chocolate chips out of the bag, The Blue Angels, leather jackets, violins, tuxedoes, jacuzzis..."

For days, I would think I should have said this and this and this. I started a notebook of "Things I Like," and filled many pages. I believe the same will happen with a notebook of daily delights -- we'll just keep finding more.  Looking for good things, delightful things, and things we like can only do good things.

Whatsovever things are lovely, think on these things.

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