Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Gift For No Reason

Early this morning I ventured out to the new Farmers Market open on Saturdays from 8 till Noon.  A  few vendors had booths in a sectioned-off area of a parking lot of The Galleria -- a center of shops and cafes and a bank or two. I didn't plan to purchase anything, for I was to meet a friend elsewhere in a little while, but I wanted to see what was there so I could plan a little for next Saturday.

There were locally grown tomatoes and corn and bell peppers, stalls of onions and brussel sprouts, radishes and dandelion greens,  kale and organic coffee,  dried pasta in colors and shapes, plants of basil and others I couldn't name, handmade soaps and handmade jewelry. A well-coifed woman walked a well-coifed dog. An elderly couple held hands as they strolled past. Two women were in serious conversation about the merits of raw honey. All, I thought, deserved some more attention. But next week would have to do.

And then I saw the sunflowers.

I knew I would have to go back home to put them in water. I knew this might make me late. I knew I had to have them anyway.

"Seven dollars per bunch, or two for ten."

"Just one, please."

As I walked back through the lot towards my car, I knew I was smiling. I felt nourished, content, and like a mademoiselle in a French countryside with a basket of  an apron filled with rare truffles. What is it about that sudden something that catches us unaware--that simple thing that makes us glow with pleasure? It's a gift for no reason,  a blessing undeserved. It's like when your Love winks at you from across the room, or God winks from across the Universe.  I wished someone were with me so I could say, "Hey, take my picture with these!" I imagine the flowers would be beautiful in that photo.  And, just maybe, so would I.


A Gift For No Reason

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  1. Lovely post! I bought some sunflowers this summer. It really does bring joy. Wonderful blog.